Timers and Time Delay Switches

Switch timers. Time delay switches. External time lag switches for lighting or heating. 24hr and immersion plugin timers. Electronic timers and countdown timers. Spur time switches. Central heating programmers.


7 Day Electric Wall Switch Timer


Replaces existing light switch (either 1 or 2 way). Operates with up to 6 on/off programmes Daily, weekly and weekday/weekend programmes available. Digital timer with 24 hours battery back up. Simple touch control. Easy to fit. Minimum load 40W, maximum load 400W. Not suitable for fluorescent lamps

Light Sensitive Wall Switch

  • Light sensitive, turns the lights on when dark
  • Maintains lights on time, adjustable between 1-8 hrs
  • Use as a normal light switch with a simple touch control

Ceiling or Wall Mounted PIR Sensor

Maximum switching 1000w. Rated at 10amps. Suitable for incandescent/compact fluorescents/fluoresscent lamps and fans

Pneumatic Time Delay Switch



Pneumatic time lag switch.

Flush plate mounting.


Adjustable 30secs to 10 minutes.

Can be used for incadescent or fluorescent lighting.

Neutral not required.

Will replace existing switch.

6a load. 3a fluorecent and inductive loads.

Time Delay Switch

  • Adjustable between 12 sec - 12 min
  • No neutral connection required
  • 1440W capacity
  • Neon switch perimeter glow light
  • Replaces existing single way wall switch
  • Body: ABS
  • Finish: White
  • Size: 82mm x 82mm x 21mm

Electronic Time Lag Switch


For switching on lights for a pre-determined period.

Loading up to 6 amps (1500W) of any type of load, including fluorescent lights.

2 Wire - No neutral wire required3 Wire - Neutral wire is requiredSingle pole
Time Lag Range 1 to 10 minutes (2 Wire)
Time Lag Range 2 to 20 Minutes (3 Wire)

Electronic Time Lag Illuminated Push Button Switch


For switching on lights for a pre-determined period.

Loading up to 6 amps (1500W) of any type of load, including fluorescent lights.

2 Wire - No neutral wire required3 Wire - Neutral wire is requiredSingle pole
Time Lag Range 1 to 10 minutes (2 Wire)
Time Lag Range 2 to 20 Minutes (3 Wire)

Time lag switch with Illuminated Button 6/16AMP - External


3 wire version, a neutral wire is needed. The time lag is adjustable from 2-20 minutes. Illuminated push button for easy location in the dark. Vandal resistant. Polycarbonate moulding. IP54 Waterproof rating.


Specification – 6AMP

Loading:                  up to 6 amps (1500W) of any type of load (including fluorescent lights and fans)

Dimensions (mm):    90 x 90 x 60


Specification – 16AMP

Loading:                  up to 16 amps (4000W) of lighting or heating loads

Dimensions (mm):    120 x 90 x 60

Exterior Time Delay Switch IP66

  • Delay function from 2 sec - 2 hours reduces energy consumption
  • Incandescent 10A max, fluorescent 6A max, compact fluorescent 3A max, low voltage 3A max
  • Accurate time settings using dip switches and rotary adjuster
  • Multi point switching
  • Mains 
  • ABS
  • IP66, Grey finish
  • Dimensions: W75mm x H110mm x D70mm

Photoelectric switch with timer. IP44 Waterproof rated

Twilight setting approx 5 - 300 lux. Variable night time deactivation. Run back timer adjustable to stay on between 1 - 8 hours after switch on. IP44. Max switching 1000w filament lamps. Total load 13a. Ideal for having light feature coming on at dusk and variable times for going off. Mains or Low Voltage. Phocell can operate with timer.

IP44 Waterproof. 24 Hour Mechanical Timer


Loading 13a. This allows for pond pumps, garden heaters etc to be set on a timer. NB: 13a will support a maximum of 4kw of electrical items

  • Maximum 96 on/off settings per day
  • Minimum setting 15 minutes
  • Manual overide switch
  • IP44 Waterproof rated
  • Operating temperature 25 to 55c



Suitable for many domestic security and appliance switching applications. Attractively styled with manual override and multi selection removable tappets. Plugs into standard British 13 amp. socket and is protected by mandatory sleeved pins.


  • Daily/weekly electronic timer Up to 8 on/off switches per day
  • Automatic random on/off switching
  • Minimum switching time of 1 min.
  • Rechargeable battery back up
  • Manual override LCD display 

Plug-in Digital Thermostat Controller


Plug-in electronic temperature controller incorporating a digital display of temperature. Can control to a temperature between 0ºC and 35ºC (heating only) and is ideal for controlling radiant, convector and fan heaters as well as oil filled radiators.

  • Plug-in, no wiring.
  • Mains operated, but integral battery power allows setting out of the mains socket.
  • Precision digital temperature control.
  • Permanent manual override for instant ON/OFF switching.
  • Integral temperature sensor.
  • 0ºC to 35ºC temperature range control.
  • Temperature setting can be easily reviewed

24hr Timeguard Immersion Heater Timer

  • Electromechanical Immersion Heater Time Switch An electromechanical time switch designed primarily for the control of immersion heaters. This economical design can be used in existing or new installations and can switch 13A for a resistive load (3kW) and 5A for inductive loads at 240V ac. Switching times are set using a number a setting pins.
  • Programmed switching by using time setting pins
  • Switching intervals of 30 minutes
  • Manual override switch
  • Built-in thermal fuse for added protection
  • Technical Data
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 74 x 120 x 48mm

    • 96 on and off settings per day available for maximum flexibility
    • Manual override
    • Timer 'on' status indicator 
    •  Daily programming - allows daily control of hot water
    •  On/Timed/Off switch selector
    • 13a resistive load
    • Dimensions H127mm x W74mm x D48mm



    - Timer ‘ON’ status indicator
    - Minute hand indicator (7 day)
    - 230V AC 16A resistive (2A inductive
    - Dimensions H127 x W74 x D48mm

    7 Day 16 Amp Electronic Time Controller


    The D11 has all the features such as boost plus individual day, everyday, every weekday or weekend programme selections over a 7 day period. Six programmes are available and if selected to operate over all 7 days, 42 ON & OFF switchings per week will result.


    7 Day 13 Amp Electronic Time Controller


    Easy to programme digital timer

    On/Timed>Off Switch selector

    24 ON/OFF Programmes

    Battery backup 150 hours

    Manual override

    7 Day Fused Spur Timeswitch


    Features individual day, everyday, every weekday or weekend programme selections over a 7 day period. Six programmes are available, and if each one is selected to operate over all 7 days, 42 ON & OFF switching per week will result. For use with all convector and electronic panel heaters.

    • Switched and switched/timed outputs.
    • Simple two button programming.
    • Manual override until next programme change.
    • Integral double pole switch and BS1362 fuse.
    • Shortest switching time 1 minute.
    • 1000 hours rechargeable memory back up.

    High Ouput Run Back Timer suitable for operating Heating


    The RBT run back timer is a high output electronic timer which provides control for a wide range of loads. Its powerful 20A output makes it particularly suitable for the control of lighting, ventilation and heating. The unit allows an appliance to be powered for a set time period which can be adjusted by the user. A simple display shows the user how much time is left to run. An ON/OFF switch allows the user to cancel the timing program whilst a memory remembers the last timing sequence selected.

        • 20 Amp rating at 230VAC (resistive)
        • 6Amp rating at 230VAC (inductive)
        • ON/OFF Switch for time cancellation
        • Adjustable between 15min and 2hours
        • ON/OFF Switch for time cancellation

    Electrisaver - Electronic Boost Control Timer


    The Electrisaver is a simple push button electronic timer that saves energy by remembering to switch off when you forget.

    • Pays for itself in lower fuel bills, time and time again.
    • Controls loads up to 3kW -including immersion heaters- in shops, offices, school, church halls and all around the home
    • Perfect boiler override or extension timer for central heating systems anywhere
    • Stylish, compact and simple to install.
    • Flush or Surface mounting

    Applications Include

    • Immersion Heater Control
    • Heated Mirrors
    • Panel Heaters
    • Towel Rails

    Digital Countdown Timer with Built-in Photocell

    Multifunctional Timer with Photocell. Light sensitivity is fixed. 13 amp max loading. Countdown from 9hrs adjustable

    Electronic Countdown Plug


    Simply re-wire to your appliance like a normal plug.

     Set the time you need for the task in hand e.g. the ironing.  When the time runs out, the countdown Plug will switch your appliance off

    Suitable for irons, small heaters, hair straighteners and soldering irons.  Simply push to set length of time you need (20, 40 or 60 mins)

    When the minutes run out, the plug will beep then turn your appliance off, in case you forget


    230V AC.   13A (3kW) resistive load.  2A Inductive

    RCD Breaker Plug-In - Internal


    The safety RCD adaptor plug simply plugs into the mains, and then you plug your electrical appliance into it. If there is a fault or a short in the tool you are using, the unit cuts the power very quickly, reducing the risk of electrocution.

    The safety RCD adapter continuously monitors the power supply to an electrical appliance and cuts off the power within 40 milliseconds if an earth current fault is detected. This is fast enough to prevent a fatal electric shock. This plug is an ideal way to protect yourself when using portable electrical tools such as lawnmowers and drills.

    7 day Central Heating Timer

    • Easy set channel timer
    • 14 ON/OFF time settings
    • Suitable to control heating with combi boilers
    • One hour boost button available
    • Hinged panel conceals programming buttons
    • Volt free contact available
    • 230V AC, 5 amp resistive load, 2A inductive
    • Dimensions H85 x W155 x D44m

    7 Day Twin Channel Heating & Hot Water Programmer

    • Controls heating and hot water independently
    • 14 ON/OFF settings per channel
    • Suitable to either pumped or gravity systems
    • Separate boost button for heating and hot water
    • 230V AC, 5 amp resistive load, 2A inductive
    • Dimensions H85 x W155 x D44mm

    Dual Tariff Boost Timer 16A


    ·         Controls use of off-peak cheap rate electricity 

    ·         Anti tamper timer cover

    ·         Easy to set time segments

    ·         From 15 - 120 minutes boost facility, with 'on' indicator

    ·         Surface mounted

    ·         16A resistive (2A inductive)

    ·         Dimensions H85 x W155 x D50mm