Dimplex DuoHeat Radiators - Delivered direct to your home or contractors site, at no extra charge

Stylish, slim-line design with concealed outlet grille.

Heat output provided by a combination of off-peak and standard rate electricity sources.

Patented ‘smart’ heat manager automatically controls output level from each heat source, optimising controllability and economy*.

Single, simple to use and understand electronic user control, with child lock facility:
– Electronic room temperature control allowing user adjustment of heater output.
– User configurable electronic automatic input charge regulator.

Compatible with Dimplex 4-zone, wall mounted pilot wire and mains borne signalling multi-heater programmers.

Pre-wired electrical connections.

Simple, secure wall fixings.

Snap fit feet.

Easy-fit front panel connections.

Compatible with all off-peak tariffs.

Energy-efficiency savings of up to 10% compared with traditional off-peak electric heating systems, recognised by SAP2005, the tool for showing compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.


DuoHeat Radiator 0.7kw Duo300i


H712mm x W600mm x D140mm.  Height above floor 100mm. Weight 65kg

DuoHeat Radiator 1.0kw Duo400i


H712mm x W830mm x D140mm.  Height above floor 100mm. Weight 94kg

DuoHeat Radiator 1.4kw Duo500i


H712mm x W1060mm x D140mm.  Height above floor 100mm. Weight 124kg

4 zone wall mounted programmers


Dimplex 4-zone wall mounted programmers provide the flexibility of complete system control from the convenience of a single point. Each zone in the system can be individually configured with a custom 7 day time programme, allowing complete flexibility over system design. RXPW4 and RXMBS4 wall mounted programmers are compatible with EPX, EVS, RPX, Calidou and Apollo ranges of electronic panel heaters and DuoHeat radiators.


      • Controls for Monterey, Girona, EPX, EVS, RPX, Calidou, Apollo and Duo Heat Ranges
      • Wall mounted, mains powered units.
      • Pilot wire or Mains Borne Signalling options.
      • 4 zones, each with separate customisable user programme for each day of the week.
      • Installer configurable option to allow switching between Comfort/Setback modes, Comfort/Off modes or Comfort/Frost protection modes.
      • Manual programme over-ride facility, with automatic return to programme at next timed change.
      • Continuous Comfort, Setback, Frost protection and Off modes*.
      • Holiday (time absence) mode.
      • Easy to install and configure.
      • Models RXPW4 (pilot wire) and RXMBS4 (mains borne signalling).
      • Compatible with Monterey, Girona, EPX, EVS, RPX, Calidou, Apollo and DuoHeat ranges.
      • RXPW4 pilot wire programmer can be used with RXPWIF interface unit to control ancillary appliances, such as towel rails or hot water systems.

        Note: For MBS option, RX9913 receiver cassettes are required for each panel heater or RX03002 for each DuoHeat radiator.

        Note: A mains filter RXMBSF4 is recommended for use with MBS controller and DuoHeat heaters.

        * Off mode not applicable for DuoHeat.