Electric powered patio and outdoor heaters for Domestic applications or Pub beer gardens/smoking areas


Ceramic Heater


These ceramic encased aluminium elements operate over a longer wavelength with lower temperatures to provide a softer heat without the glow.  Perfect where robust radiant heating is required, these heaters can be mounted inside or outside. 

  • Robust ceramic elements for efficient radiant heating.
  • Can be mounted inside or outside.
  • Silent operation.
  • No visible light output.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket. Fitted guard included to two elements.
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal 2kW models
  • Dimensions vertical H380mm x W442mm.  Horizontal H255mm x W735mm
  • Recommended height 2.0m. Minimum 1.8m

Winter Heat 1.3kw Quartz Infra Red Heater


Weatherproof for outdoor domestic or commercial use. Ideal for patios, beer gardens and outdoor smoking areas. Winter Heat is the ideal solution to your outdoor heating needs.

  • 1300W Outdoor Halogen heater c/w lamp
  • Complete with 5M Flex & Plug
  • For domestic & commercial applications
  • Wall mountable
  • Adjustable mounting bracket - Max 50°
  • Black aluminium casing
  • Toughened, heat resistant Crystallite glass
  • Strong easy to install wall mounting bracket.
  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for patios, balconies, smoking areas, garages,
  • workshops & other wall mountable areas.
  • Lamp life 2000 hrs
  • Heating Range: 4x4M

Halogen External Heater

IP54 Waterproof rated outdoor heater for garden, garage or pub.  1200w c/w with fitted lamp, spare lamp, 5m of cable and 13a plug

Outdoor Patio Heater


With a high quality aluminium case and a choice of outputs, these new patio heaters provide long lasting performance perfect for outdoor dining areas or heating for smokers!  With running costs as low as 10p kWh (dependant on tariff) and an optional mounting kit for fixed hanging installation or pole/mast mounting, they are truly flexible.


  • High quality aluminium case finished in two-tone silver.
  • 1.3kW Quartz Infra-red model.
  • 2.0kW Quartz halogen model with "gold" lamp for extended performance.
  • Designed and rated for permanent external installations.
  • Instant heat - avoiding the need for expensive pre-heating.
  • 'In-situ' lamp replacement for minimum downtime. Fitted guard included.
  • Optional mounting kit for hanging or pole/mast mounting.
  • Not IP Waterproof rated
  • Dimensions H160mm x W594mm with two quartz elements.

Automatic PIR control


 The ideal solution where occupancy is variable.  The PIR sensor offers even greater energy savings by turning heaters off when no activity is detected within their zone.  Suitable for use with all outdoor patio heaters, they can be installed in external locations with confidence.

  • Compatible with Quartz heating up to 3kW output.
  • Automatically switches the heater on or off, depending on activity
  • Time delay adjustment (10 seconds to 21 minutes).
  • Full 180 degree coverage over 15m if required.
  • Size of detection area can be reduced.
  • IP54 rated for permanent external use.

Mount Kit 22311 Heater

Optional mounting kit for hanging or pole/mast mounting

Valencia 1.5kw Patio Heater

  • 1 heat setting 1.5kw.
  • Infrared halogen gold lamp included.
  • Safety overheat cut-out.
  • IP65 Waterproof rated
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Strong easy to install wall mounting bracket.
  • Convenient built-in carry handle.
  • Complete with 5M cable & plug
  • Height: 100mm. Width: 670mm. Depth: 115mm
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Colour: Stainless Steel

Tansun Heaters


Tansun offer the largest range of domestic, industrial and commercial heaters in the world: from fixed applications to mobile heating; from fully weatherproof designs for permanent outdoor installations through to heaters to complement interior surroundings. Whatever your individual requirements, Tansun can solve your heating needs.


Quartz heat warms people or objects and not the air in between and will not blow away like all other forms of heating. Quartz technology provides an economic and low-cost form of heating allowing efficient energy saving through safe and effective heat distribution. They offer instant heat with no initial warm up time. Virtually no energy is absorbed by the air, which means that a high degree of heat is achieved while no energy is wasted. Tansun offer an extensive range of products in various heat outputs which provide effective heat to various applications. If floor space is at a minimum, our wall mounted heaters are ideal in addition to other units which can be suspended from the ceiling. 

Running costs are calculable in advance and are lower than other alternatives as nearly all of the electrical power is converted into heat, offering savings of over 30% compared to other fuels. The use of variable controllers can reduce operating costs further by offering savings of up to 70%.

They require very low maintenance and have a very long lamp life averaging 7,000 hours, with the exception being the Algarve with an average of 1,100 hours. Heaters remain effective over time, maintaining a constant level of heat throughout their life.

Quartz heaters are completely safe with silent and odourless operation which creates no by-products of combustion. They consume no oxygen, so no additional ventilation is required. Quartz heaters are safe for children, pets and the environment.

Quartz heaters have a clean operation with no air circulation which can stir and deposit dust. This means that the heaters are ideal for many uses in numerous varied applications within domestic, industrial, commercial and retail settings. Technical.

Tansun Algarve Patio Heater


The world's first IP54 rated weatherproof outdoor patio heater, offering effective heat to outdoor domestic and commercial applications.

  • 1.3kW
  • Heat span of 9-14m2
  • New aesthetically pleasing design
  • Incorporates a GE or Philips quartz lamp
  • IP54 rated cast aluminium weatherproof casing for permanent outdoor use
  • Parabolic formed spectral quality reflector
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Adjustable powder coated aluminium mounting bracket for simple wall fixing
  • Black or silver

Tansun Carnival Patio Heater


Attractive compact heater that provides a uniquely styled solution for heating smaller, more intimate domestic environments.

  • 0.75kW power output
  • 2m x 2m heat span
  • Incorporates a GE quartz lamp
  • Pressed steel formed casing
  • Scratch resistant powder coat
  • Faceted smooth finish reflector with built in lamp protection
  • Additional side reflectors for added heat output
  • Integral heat sinks
  • Safety guard fitted as standard
  • Multi-directional bracket
  • Silver finish

Tansun Ibiza Patio Heater


Reliable and effective heater providing a robust and functional solution for numerous industrial applications.

  • 1.5kW and 2kW power options
  • Incorporates a Philips or GE quartz lamp
  • Powder coated steel body
  • Anodised spectral quality aluminium reflector
  • Finned heat sinks for increased lamp life
  • Hinged safety guard for easy maintenance
  • Ready wired and supplied with adjustable brackets
  • Modular design enables grouping of heaters for any scheme
  • Designed and manufactured to BS EN 60335-2-30
  • Semi matt silver finish

Tansun Plaq-Heat Patio Heater


Ideal heating solution for industrial areas that do not require additional light or where the use of glass is not permitted.

  • Various power options from 1kW to 3.9kW
  • Incorporates a ceramic plaq-heat element
  • Powder coated aluminium extrusion casing
  • High grade spectral polished aluminium reflector
  • Contain no glass components and is therefore suitable for the food industry
  • Neon power indicator
  • Safety guards fitted as standard
  • Simple and durable bracket supplied
  • Can be used singly or as part of an integrated heating system
  • Designed and manufactured to BS EN 60335-2-30
  • Textured finished light ivory to RAL 1015

Tansun Rio IP Patio Heater


This slim, weatherproof heater is ideally suited for using underneath awnings or umbrellas as well as on a wall outside or in conservatories.

  • 1.5kW and 2kW power options
  • Weatherproof IP 24 rated heater suitable for permanent outdoor use
  • Incorporates a Philips vertical burning lamp
  • High quality lightweight aluminium extrusion body
  • Spectral quality smooth parabolic aluminium reflector
  • Side reflectors for added heat output
  • Incorporates die cast heat sinks for increased heat output
  • Safety guards fitted as standard
  • Bracket allows for vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Black, white and silver colour option

Tansun Sorrento IP Patio Heater


Weatherproof heater of a modular design which can be grouped creating a bespoke heating system to meet specific indoor or outdoor heating requirements.

  • 1kW- 4kW power options
  • Incorporates a Philips quartz gold series lamp
  • Weatherproof IP 24 rated heater suitable for permanent outdoor use
  • High quality aluminium extrusion body
  • Highly polished spectral quality reflector
  • Die cast heat sinks to aid internal cooling
  • Safety guard fitted as standard
  • Bracket allows vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Available in white, black and silver colour options
  • Optional gold reflector for glare reduction
  • Triple configeration also available to order 

Replacement element for 22433


Cross member bracket for Tansun Heaters

Max 25mm cross member

Universal Bracket for Tansun Heaters

Suitable for poles from 16mm to 55mm diameter