Electric flying insect killers for a neat and hygenic solution. Flying Insects Regulations.


Professional Fly Killer


  • 2x15w fly killer (UV tubes included)
  • Ideal for restaurants, factories, food shops, hospitals, commercial kitchens and any food preparation areas
  • Coverage up to 80m2
  • Environmentally friendly - no chemicals, fumes or smells
  • High quality aluminum construction - oil proof, easy to clean, fade and scratch resistant
  • 360 degree attraction when suspended
  • Large easy clean removable tray
  • Suitable for wall mounting, suspending or free standing
  • H320mm x W500mm x D120mm

Ultracom Flying Insect Killer


Ultracom uses high powered UVA tubes to attract insects towards the electronic killing grid.  The pests are then zapped and safely deposited in an easily removable collection tray.

      • Micro switched interlocking deep collection tray
      • 3 way mountable: suspended, wall mount, free stand
      • Strong durable quality metal construction
      • 2 year guarantee
      • covers 200sq meters
      • Staggered killing grid to avoid insect explosion
      • High powered UV tubes
      • Easy fix fit and cleaner included
      • Dimensions: 56.2 x 11.2 x 32.3cm
      • 2 x 40w tubes

Nemesis Ultima Fly Killer


Ideal for food manufacturing, processing and packaging factories. Two 40-watt Quantum BL UV tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer give coverage of over 480m².

Dimension: H:43.2cm W:68cm D:15.7cm.   Weight: 10Kg

Free standing/ceiling suspended protection = 480m2

Wall mounted protection = 240m2

Finish: white or stainless steel

Sundew Flylite Fly Killer


A uniquely attractive sticky trap unit that is at home in cafés, bars, restaurants, offices and in domestic settings. A compact unit with low power consumption for small areas or front-of-house where extra discretion is preferred; the SunDew™ Fly Lite can be wall-mounted or just placed on a table or worktop.

An all stainless steel body with a choice of front covers of either stainless steel with eye-catching bubble cut-out design or white front cover with attractive glow.


Dimension: H:30cm W:25.5cm D:10cm.   weight     2.5Kg

30m2 protection wall-mounted or freestanding

Finish: white-finish or stainless steel


Pack of 3 sticky boards for Sundew Flylite also available