Xpelair Ventilation Solutions

The efficient and stylish Premier range of pressure developing fans is designed specifically for domestic applications, including bathrooms, shower rooms toilets and utility rooms where longer duct runs are required. They are also suitable for commercial applications such as hotel rooms, office toilets, commercial bathrooms, and for coastal installations.

All models have a gloss white casing with clean and sleek appearance. A two part casing means Premier fans can easily be recessed or surface mounted. They can be fitted into ceilings or studwork walls in recesses as little as 50mm deep using the side entry knockout provided, an FDA adaptor and Profile 29 flat duct. Alternatively 100mm circular ducting can be used. All feature an automatic air operated back draught shutter and the CF20 range are supplied with a brown 100mm external outlet grille for wall or soffit fixing. The clip off front cover and removable fan blade on all models allow easy cleaning and maintenance. All also have a neon indicator (except DX180/T).

F53 models are IPX5 rated whereas the F50,F51,F52 models are IPX4. All are BEAB approved. They are all suitable for 220-240Vac 50Hz mains operation. Motors are totally enclosed and maintenance free for life, with self aligning bearings and a thermal cut-out. All electronics and wiring terminals are fully protected.

Hole size: 117mm (wall) 120mm (window). Xpelair Brochures & Technical Manuals  Xpelair Spare Parts

LVDX200/LVDX200T High Performance Centrifugal


The Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) fans are ideal for use in shower rooms, bathrooms with showers and other zone 1 and zone 2 wet areas. Control options: Pull cord, timer

Hole size: 117mm (wall) 120mm (window)


Whilst they are designed specifically for domestic applications, they are also suitable for commercial applications where walls are regularly hosed down. The SELV system consists of a 12V fan unit which can be safely installed in the spray area of a bath or shower, with the transformer located outside the spray area. Importantly they exceed the IP requirements for zone 1 and zone 2 as defined by IEE Wiring Regulations (16th Edition) BS 7671:2001, and are rated IPX5. The motor is totally enclosed and fitted with self aligning bearings and thermal overload protection. The motor insulation is class B making them suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40ºC. All models come complete with a universal mounting kit and an automatic backdraught shutter.


The two part casing permits recessed or surface mounting, and can be fitted into ceilings and studwork wall recesses as little as 50 mm deep using the top entry knockout provided and an FDA adaptor and Profile 29 flat duct. Alternatively 100mm diameter circular duct can be used. A clip-off front and removable fan blade make for easy cleaning.  Sound 50db. 3 yrs manufactuers warrenty. Can be window mounted using F63.


Extract performance (FID, l/s) speed 2 - 30 (108m3/h) 

Extract performance (FID, l/s) speed 1 -12.5  

DX400/DX400T Two speed centrifugal fan


BATHROOM, KITCHEN OR SHOWER ROOM FAN. The DX400 pressure developing centrifugal fans are ideally suited for use in kitchens, utility rooms and larger bathrooms and toilets and individual offices.

They can be surface or flush mounted in walls and ceilings using the universal mounting accessories provided, and include a back draught shutter and outlet grille. Both models have their inlet discreetly concealed behind a stylish white front cover. 

All models are IPX5 waterproof rated. They feature external rotor motors with integral balanced impellers, sealed for life maintenance free bearings and safety thermal cut out protection.

Pre-select speed to suit application Trickle ventilation facility.

Alternatively use optional COS switch to change between speeds and on/off

Includes external wall grille.

Extract in litres per second. 40 and 68.

Extract performance 245m3/h. 4 inch fan. Sound pressure 55db


Timer version: Quickvisit’ delay feature prevents fan from running should light be switched on/off again within 2 minutes. User adjustable from 30s to 20mins. Timer is typically connected to lighting switch.

DX200/DX200T High Performance Centrifugal



Room size selector matches extract performance for improved efficiency. Power 34w.

Mechanical trickle ventilation facility. DX200 Only

Speeds: DX200 = 108m3/h and 50m3/h.  DX200T = 108m3/h, 79m3/h and 50m3/h

Built – in run on period after light is switched off.  .

Extract performance 108m3/h (30 Litres per second). Sound pressure level 50db.

Can be window mounted using F63.

IP Waterproof rating IPx5

3 Years manufactuers warrenty.


DX200T Timer version: Quickvisit’ delay feature prevents fan from running should light be switched on/off again within 2 minutes. User adjustable from 30s to 20mins

DX180/DX180T Premier Single Speed 4 inch Centrifugal


Operated by remote switch. Extract performance 94m3/h.(26 Litres per second).  Sound pressure level 49db. Electric power rating 26w. IPx4 waterpoof rating. 3 Years manufactuers guarantee. (DX100T is 55m3/h)


Timer version: Built in fixed 20 minutes run on period after the light has been switched off. 

DX180H Premier Single Speed Centrifugal Unit + Humidistat


On/off humidistat adjustable 50-90% RH. Extract performance 94m3/h.(26 Litres per second).  Sound pressure level 49db. Electric power rating 26w. IPx4 waterpoof rating. 3 Years manufactuers guarantee.

GX 6/9/12" High Performance Intake/Extract Axial Fan


      • Suitable for single and sealed double glazing windows and panels up to 25mm.
      • Balanced external rotor motor and impeller for quiet efficiency.
      • Sealed for life maintenance free bearings, suitable for running at any angle.
      • Built-in silent action electro-thermal shutter cassette.
      • Passive trickle vent facility for background ventilation with fan off.
      • Easy clean high gloss ABS housing with integral finger safety guard.
      • Shadow grey external grille for unobtrusive external appearance.
      • Tamperproof internal connection safety plug and socket.
      • Unique metal ladder strip/screw connection to external grille for security and weather tight seal.
      • Extact capacity 266m3h (6 inch).   728m3h (9 inch).  1614m3h (12 inch).  Sound pressure 55db

Xpelair DX100T Extractor Fan


DX100 model has a softly curved flow line grille design which will blend into wall or ceiling décor, whilst the shallow depth of the outlet spigot ensures compact window installations.

  • Hole Dia: 115mm (wall) x 125mm (window) x 110mm (shaft)
  • Extract Performance: 76m3 per hour
  • Electrical Power Rating: 12W
  • Voltage: 230V Mains Voltage
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg

Single Speed Inline Showerfan System


Step out of the shower cubicle. Is the mirror steamed up? There is another way. Remove the cause of condensation at source with an Xpelair inline shower fan system. With a neat grille installed directly over the shower, humid or moist air will be ducted away by a fan above the ceiling and onwards to a grille installed outside, typically in the soffit.  Will I be standing in a draught? No, air will not be pulled into a normal cubicle, only flow over it.

  • inline fan
  • 3m of flexible duct
  • Four worm drive clips
  • Internal ceiling grille with sleek styling in white
  • Outside soffit/wall grille
  • capacity 6" - 133m3/h = 37 Litres/sec
  • capacity 4" - 54m3/h = 15 Litres/sec

All electronics circuits and wiring terminals are fully protected. Motors are Class B lubricated for life, fitted with safety thermal overload protection and suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40ºC. Xpelair XIL systems conform to Building Regulations mechanical ventilation for toilets shower rooms and bathrooms.


Built-in overrun timer adjustable at installation from 3-15mins. Operated by a remote switch (in a bathroom, wired to the lighting circuit)

Can also be wired to a water flow switch, fitted in the pipework to the shower control, to switch on/off when shower is in use.

Hole Diameter: 165mm 

Remote Humidistat XRH

      • Automatically switches On when the relative humidity reaches an adjustable preset point and switches off when the relative humidity drops
      • Pull cord override switch
      • Fan indicator light
      • Surface or recess mounting
      • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40ºC
      • Used with: Premier DX180, DX200, DX400, DX100, XIL, CMF, CX10, GX6
      • w210 x h86 x d45 mm

Group Fan Controller


For use with 32386

On/off control with neon indicator. Infinitely variable speed selection controls extract and intake air flow.  For use with up to four fans (not mixed sizes).

Inline Fan Controller


Slide switch provides fan on/off control.

Adjustable speed control for infinitely variable speeds.  Complete with power ‘on’ indicator light.

For Xpelair XIDP plastic inline centrifugal fans. GXC6

Wall kit for F58


6" (152mm hole diameter) or 9” (266mm hole diameter) or 12” (330mm hole diameter)

4inch Wall Vent Kit for wall mounting


Hole diameter: 117mm

Ducting size: 100mm

4inch Wall Duct



  • Dia. = 100mm
  • Length = 300mm
  • For bridging cavities or lining solid exterior walls
  • 4inch Easy Fit Kit


     Vents and tube etc.

    4inch Glass Mounting Kit

  • Used for installing Premier DX180, DX200 and CF20 models in a window
  • Glass thickness: 4-28mm
  • Allows DX100/LV100 to be monted in double glazed panels from: 6-46mm thick
  • Flat Duct Adaptor