Wall mounted space heaters for convected, fan and radiated heat. Quartz halogen and infra red heaters. Air curtain heaters and plinth heaters. Garage and commercial heaters. Tower fan heaters and tubular heaters.


Sun Prince Quartz Halogen Shortwave Infra Red Heaters


Sun Prince Infra Red heaters utilise quartz halogen lamps that operate at a very high temperature, converting almost all the electrical energy into short wavelength infra red radiation. They are therefore ideal for heating applications such as garages, warehouses, factories and similar difficult - to - heat situations where convection heating would be impractical.

The Sun Prince features chrome plated guards and is supplied complete with stainless steel chassis and a steel wall mounting bracket. Sun Prince heaters are silent, generate no fumes or condensation and switch on or off almost instantly. The Sun Prince can be supplied with low glare lamps (Gold lamp) as an option to the Ruby. Optimum distance from heat source to people is 2m


Lamps are made from high temperature resistant quartz glass that must not be handled with bare hands. Lamps last an average of 7,000 hours and are excluded from the guarantee.

Heaters may be mounted from the ceiling but must be angled at least 25 degrees from the horizontal to avoid over heating, or 45 degrees from a wall. Allow approximately 100-200W of heating load per square metre.

Shortwave Infra Red Heater

          • Up to 90% efficient at converting electricity into energy
          • Instant visible heat at switch on
          • Penetrates damp air with minimum atmospheric heat loss
          • Absolutely silent in operation
          • Long range heat projection
          • Modular design blends with all environments
          • Lightweight and silent
          • Fitted with wire guard for safety

The Sensation and welcome of instant heat right where it's needed. Sunquartz short wave infra-red heaters warm people, not places. Their uses are endless, from warehouses to churches. These efficient sun-like heaters can penetrate damp air with little waste to the atmosphere. Lightweight and silent, they are easy to install almost anywhere. A cost efficient way to heat large open spaces. Maximum benefit is gained from receiving heat from both sides.

Ceramic Radiant Heater



    • Durable ceramic emitters which rapidly convert electrical energy into heat energy.
    • No fans or moving components so no dust contamination to the environment.
    • Low maintenance
    • Good vibration resistance
    • Fitted with guards for personal protection
    • Robust fitting brackets
    • 1 year guarantee (UK)
    • Silent


Redring's range of wall mountable Ceramic heaters offers a highly efficient, reliable, silent, glare free space heating solution. These heaters incorporate durable ceramic emitters which rapidly convert electrical energy into heat energy without producing any light. There are no fans or other moving components in the heaters so that dust cannot be blown around to contaminate the environment. These heaters have been designed for Industrial and Commercial applications to comply with BS 3456. They are robust with good vibration resistance. All heaters are fitted with guards for personnel protection.

Ceramic Heater


These ceramic encased aluminium elements operate over a longer wavelength with lower temperatures to provide a softer heat without the glow.  Perfect where robust radiant heating is required, these heaters can be mounted inside or outside. 

  • Robust ceramic elements for efficient radiant heating.
  • Can be mounted inside or outside.
  • Silent operation.
  • No visible light output.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket. Fitted guard included to two elements.
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal 2kW models
  • Dimensions vertical H380mm x W442mm.  Horizontal H255mm x W735mm
  • Recommended height 2.0m. Minimum 1.8m

Inferno 1.6kw Portable Multi-heater for Garage or Workshop

  • 1.6kW halogen heater
  • Foot pedal on / off switch.
  • Function to fold heater in half.
  • 3 Power settings: 800W Top / 800W Bottom / 1600W top & bottom
  • Streamline design and refinement
  • Safety tip-over switch
  • Over-heating protection
  • High-temperature-resistant plastic housing
  • Two rotatable heads, two tubes per head
  • Either run one heater or two.
  • Carbon fibre tubes available separately
  • High efficiency infrared heater, heats you not the air.
  • Complete with 5M cable & plug
  • Ideal for use in garages, workshops, warehouses, conservatories, sheds etc.
  • Height: 840mm. Width: 390mm. Depth: 357mm
  • Wattage: 1600W
  • Colour: Metallic Red

Garage Fan Heater 3kw


Perfect for use in garages, workshops, offices, store rooms or almost any small commercial situation. 

These heaters are designed to provide unobtrusive heating with automatic thermostatic control and multi adjustable mounting bracket all included as standard.  With performance tuned for maximum heating effect, these heaters are sure to provide an effective and economical heating solution.  This model provides 3kw heating output with built in thermostatic control in a stylish housing that will blend in with its surroundings, whilst the remote control version adds a wall controller over all heater functions and room temperature levels as standard.

New ‘stylish’ heater design with low noise performance.

Designed for wall mounting between 1.8m – 2.3m from floor.

Multi directional wall bracket giving 40° vertical and 120° horizontal adjustment.

Single screw angle adjustment.

Thermostatic control standard on all models.

PFH30R model has a wall remote control supplied as standard, and all models have a thermostat and full heater control.

All models have cool blow ‘air circulation’ setting.

Grey finish.

Industrial Wall Mounted Fan Heater


A range of robust, wall mounted fan heaters suited for general purpose commercial and light industrial use. These models provide fast flexible heating wherever and whenever it is needed. Supplied complete with a wall mounted controller. Multi-directional wall mounting bracket. Included wall remote control over cool blow, half-heat and full-heat settings.

Dimensions: 262mm(h) x 306mm(w) x 495mm(d) (7.6kg)

Max' installed depth: 530mm 

Portable commercial fan heater


A robust, portable fan heater suited for general purpose commercial and light industrial use, providing fast flexible heating wherever and whenever it is needed.  The fan heater is supplied with integral controls, a floor stand and handle for individual operation with 3kw output.


Rugged styling with “chunky” go anywhere appearance.

Integral fan and heat setting control.

Integral thermostat.

Durable floor stand & handle.

Cool blow, half heat, full heat.


Corrosion resistant body with durable finish.

Finned/sheathed heating elements with rigid steel outlet grille vanes to direct airflow. Colour: Yellow/Black

The portable model has integral switching over fan only, half and full heat, plus an additional thermostatic control.

Electrical reset cut-out

Ceramic Tower Oscillating Fan Heater complete with Remote

  • Safety PTC ceramic heating element
  • 90 degrees oscillation. Air outlet blinds with sway function
  • 2 heat settings: 1kW/2kW & Cool fan option for summer
  • Cool air blow for use in summer
  • 1 to 8 hours timer
  • Recessed handle
  • Overheating protection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Safety tip-over cut-out.
  • Power indicator light
  • LED control
  • Remote control for selection
  • Complete with 1.8M cable & plug
  • Dimensions: H560mm x D180mm

Tower Oscillating Fan with Remote Control

  • 3 Speed control
  • 90 degree oscillating
  • 30 min - 7.5hrs timer
  • 3 different type of wind modes
  • Neon on/off, Speed, Wind, Mode, Timer, Oscillation

Halogen Heater 1.2kw


3 heat settings, 3 tubes,

H610mm x W420mm x D270mm

Air Curtain Screen Heater 3KW

      • 2 Heat Settings. 1.5kw or 3kw
      • Air flow 1.07 m3/min
      • Air Speed 3m/sec
      • Multipositional with 2m lead
      • Indicator light & Quiet running
      • Powder coated paint with steel contruction
      • W580mm x H105mm x D180mm

Air Curtain 3kw/4.5kw/6kw 3 Heat settings. Dimplex.

3 HEAT SETTING WARM AIR CURTAIN over door or high level, wall or ceiling mounted, optional remote switch. 3 heat settings. Multi directional, powerfull fan heaters providing a warm air barrier to reduce building heat losses through external doors that are frequently opened. Air curtains reduce the overall energy costs in commercial applications and improve comfort in the working environment. The AC3 Range is the popular choice for shops, reception areas, offices, restaurants and light industrial use. Recessed ceiling heater with optional suspended ceiling grill and wall mounted heat/fan control. Noise level 15.5 Decibels. 3.5KW/4.5KW = HWD 200*605*135MM. 6KW = HWD 200*905*135MM

Plinth Heater 2.4KW


BFH24T, BFH24TS and BFH24TB. The BFH range has been designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into fitted furniture, display units, fascias or false walls. These heaters are ideal for incorporating into plinths of kitchen or bedroom base units or shop display units.

  • Maximum outputs of 2.4Kw with switching for 800w and 1600w outputs with neon indicator
  • Integral controls
  • Fan only option for cool air circulation
  • Integral thermostat with a temperature range of approximately 5 to 30 degrees, lowest setting provides frost protection level
  • W500mm * H120mm * D395mm
  • Complete with three fascias. White, Brown and Stainless

Plinth Heater with Remote 2.4KW


BFH24RS, BFH24R and BFH24RB with Remote Switching. The BFH range has been designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into fitted furniture, display units, fascias or false walls. These heaters are ideal for incorporating into plinths of kitchen or bedroom base units or shop display units.

  • Maximum outputs of 2.4Kw with switching for 800w and 1600w outputs with neon indicator
  • Integral controls
  • Switch panel remote wired to heater. Fan switch, Two heat switches and fuse.  2.5 metre 6-core colour coded cable is supplied for connecting the heater to the switch panel
  • Fan only option for cool air circulation
  • Integral thermostat with a temperature range of approximately 5 to 30 degrees, lowest setting provides frost protection level
  • W500mm * H120mm * D395mm

Hydronic Plinth Heater 2.4KW


BUH19W, BUH19B, BUH19S. The hydronic BUH range is designed specifically for use on `wet` heating systems. Small and compact, the BUH fits discreetly into the base of kitchens, reception desks, shop counters and even stair risers. The BUH can emit the same heat as a traditional radiator many times its size, but will not occupy valuable wall space. Fan only operation to hot water system. Complete with flexible hoses and isolating valves.

  • Maximum outputs of 2.4Kw with switching for 800w and 1600w outputs with neon indicator
  • Integral controls
  • Fan only option for cool air circulation
  • Integral thermostat with a temperature range of approximately 5 to 30 degrees, lowest setting provides frost protection level
  • W500mm * H120mm * D395mm
  • Includes White, Brown and Stainless Steel Facias

Consort Plinth Heater


Provides instant heat where space is at a premium and discreet yet effective heating is required. Cleverly concealed in the 'kick space' beneath counters, displays and kitchen units, stairwells and fitted furniture, these heaters are suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. These slimline plinth heaters require a minimum kick-space height of only 100mm thereby offering increased installation options. The range features an on-off kick-switch that Consort pioneered to eliminate stooping.

  • Variable heat settings
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Kick switch on/off operation
  • Fan only setting for air circulation in warm weather
  • Minimum kickspace height of only 100mm
  • Automatic safety cut-out
  • Fitted with 1.8m of supply cable
  • 2kW - H100 x D225 x W500
  • 3kW - H100 x D:225 x W:600

Plinth Heater 2kw complete with Brown, White, Stainless Facias

  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Thermal cut out
  • 3 x fascias supplied
  • Rubber feet - no vibration
  • Pre-wired with 1.5 metres of cable
  • 3 heat settings
  • Body: Pressed Steel Airflow: 0.85m3/min Finish: Brown, White & Stainless Steel Effect Fascias
  • Dimensions: L480mm x H125mm x D220mm

Almeria 2.4kw Fan Heater

  • 2 heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Overheat protection - safety cut-out switch
  • Recessed carry handle in rear housing
  • Power on LED indicator light
  • Cool blow function
  • Complete with 1.8M cable & plug
  • Height: 255mm. Width: 228mm. Depth: 190mm
  • Colour: White

400W Frost Protection Convector Heater

  • Fitted with bracket for wall mounting
  • Fully adjustable thermostat 5ºC - 30ºC (approx)
  • Auto thermal cut off and reset
  • Fitted with 1.5m lead and plug
  • Body: Metal
  • Finish: White
  • H240mm x W260mm x D105mm

Madeira 2kw Fan Heater

  • 2 Heat settings: 1kW Low, 2kW High.
  • Cool fan setting.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Overheat safety cut-out.
  • Indicator light.
  • Complete with 1.8M cable & plug
  • Height: 130mm. Width: 250mm. Depth: 280mm
  • Colour: White / Light Grey

Tubular Heater


Our range of Heat tubular heaters are ideal for situations where safe, splash proof, low energy, slim line, heat­ing is required.

A variety of features such as an overheat cut-out switch, low voltage input and an enclosed heating element make for a safe solution to frost protection and condensation prevention. (NB: 1ft=2.54cm)

The IP44 rating allows these units to be installed safely in garages, greenhouses, sheds, workshops, conservatories, bathrooms, caravans and boats. The heaters slim line design makes them discreet and versatile. They can be installed above doorways, below win­dows, along a floor or on any flat wall surface. 

Overheat safety cut-out

 High quality steel construction

 Low power consumption

Suitable for Bathroom Zone 2 if wired into mains.

Complete with 1.8M cable & plug.

Complete with mounting brackets for wall/floor.



1FT Dia x Length:

55mm x 305mm

2FT Dia x Length:

55mm x 600mm

3FT Dia x Length:

55mm x 1220mm

4FT Dia x Length:

55mm x 915mm



IP Rating:


Guarantee Period:

1 Year

Torino 2kw Bathroom Fan Heater

  • 2 Heat settings: 1kW Low, 2kW High.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Wall mountable, complete with fixing kit.
  • Waterproof to IP21
  • Double insulated
  • Pullcord operation - Cord 505mm Length.
  • Power cable length 610mm (no plug).
  • Height: 245mm. Width: 227mm. Depth: 123mm
  • Colour: White


      • Suitable for use in the bathroom, en-suites or kitchen area providing fast warm heat.
      • Up to 2.0kW 240v.  2 built-in safety cut-outs
      • Neon indicator to show "On" position. Pull cord on/off switch
      • Internal load switch 1kw/2kw: Allows output adjustment to suit room size.
      • Wall Mountable - with bracket which is fitted to heater
      • Streamline low profile design - compact size
      • Colour - White
      • Dimension - H245MM x W235MM x D120MM

Tango Fan Heater Wall 2KW. FX20V


FX20V Downflow with pull Cord Operation. This wall mounted fan heater features an energy saving regulator. Neon Indicator. 2kw maximum output. Energy saving thermostat switches output down to 1kW once the room is warm. IP44 rated. L229mm H242mm D109mm

FX20VL. Adjustable thermostat with no pull cord. Neon indicator. 2kW maximum output (1kW output selectable at installation) IP44 rated. L229mm H242mm D109mm

FX20VE Electronic runback timer. Energy saving timer that automatically switches heater off after a preset time period. Adjustable between 5 and 150 minutes. Pull cord operation. Neon indicator. IP44 rated. L229mm H242mm D109mm

Mistral Bathroom Fan Heater


The mistral is a 1.8kw fixed wall mounted fan heater designed to cope with humidity and offering a high degree of splash proof resistance.

  • Splash proof IP24
  • Double insulated
  • Metal case
  • Removable dust air filter 
  • Thermostat
  • Pilot Light indicator

Radiant Panel Bathroom Heater APL100

Provides the ultimate in bathroom heating. Combining the benefits of high comfort radiant panel heating with the added convenience of fixed rails for drying and airing towels. Highly accurate electronic thermostatic control. Complete with two fixed towel hangers (Not heated). User selectable confort, background and frost protection settings. Splash proof to IP4 for use in bathrooms and wet areas. Control can be locked. H830mm/1040mm x W440mm x D200mm. Minimum 100mm from ceiling or side walls and 150mm from floor

Radio frequency wall-mounted rotary controller


Comes complete with RF receiver which must be wired to the relevant appliance.  IPx4 Splashproof for use in wet areas.  Wall mounted controller unit fits into a single gang wiring accessory back box.  Can control any ancillary heater up to a loading of 2kW.  Additional receivers can be controlled by a single controller.  Additional receivers sold separately 

Boost Timer

RF thermostatic control

30 Minute boost button 


Radio frequency wall-mounted LCD programmer 24hr

Offers 24 hour programming

4 programmable time periods, switching heater between On/Off modes.

Programme advance and manual over ride features

Back lit LCD screen with power save mode

Ideal for providing extra control to towel rails

Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in the event of a power failure


Radio frequency wall-mounted LCD programmer 7 Day

Offers 7 day programming

4 programmable time periods for weekdays and weekends, switching heater between On/Off modes

Back lit LCD screen with power save mode

Ideal for providing extra control to towel rails

Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in the event of a power failure Multiple receivers can be controlled by a single controller

Additional Wireless Receiver for Heaters using 22318


Additional receiver for use with RF controllers/programmers 

Allows an additional ancillary heater Up to 2kW loading to be controlled simultaneously by RF controller / programmer.