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Microboil Premier Boiling Water Unit


The 2.4Kw Microboil is an advanced microprocessor controlled solution for the provision of boiling water for hot drinks in the workplace. Silent standby mode, 0.75mm thick copper tank with a 5yr guarantee against corrosion, Heavy duty catering style chrome tap with lock-on option for hands free filling of large pots. Sophisticated electronics make sure that all Microboil units will automatically supply boiling water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - even when the unit is automatically re-filling after heavy usage. * Three year on-site warranty included *


2 Litre with 12 cup initial draw off. Provides up to 150 cups per hour and heats from cold in 5 minutes. Dimensions: 298mm(h) x 230mm(w) x 138mm(d) Weight (full): 6kg

3 Litre with 20 cup initial draw off. Provides up to 150 cups per hour and heats from cold in 7 minutes. Dimensions: 370mm(h) x 269mm(w) x 153mm(d) Weight (full): 8.6kg

6 Litre with 38 cup initial draw off. Provides up to 150 cups per hour and heats from cold in 14 minutes. Dimensions: 420mm(h) x 312mm(w) x 171mm(d) Weight (full): 14.8kg

8 Litre with 50 cup initial draw off. Provides up to 150 cups per hour and heats from cold in 19 minutes. Dimensions: 510mm(h) x 312mm(w) x 171mm(d) Weight (full): 17.2kg

16 Litre with 100 cup initial draw off. Provides up to 150 cups per hour and heats from cold in 38 minutes. Dimensions: 545mm(h) x 364mm(w) x 218mm(d) Weight (full): 29kg

Redring SB Professional Beverage Water Boiler

      • Stainless steel water tank construction with fully insulated jacket to minimise heat loss.
      • Robust corrosion resistant construction.
      • Brushed stainless steel cover wipes clean.
      • Neon 'Power on' light.
      • Water temperature is automatically maintained.
      • Unit is fitted with manual reset safety device to avoid boiling dry.
      • Manual reset thermostat for detecting excessive steam in the event of water solenoid valve failure.
      • Condensation chamber for steam-free operation.
      • Open vent and overflow.
      • Provides for concealed plumbing and electrical connection.
      • Operating pressure range between 2 bar (29psi) and 10bar (140psi).
      • Connects to 13 Amp (220 - 240V) double-pole fused isolating switch
        A wall mounted, self calibrating and self-filling boiling water heater for any working environment. It can be used for tea or coffee and even soups and hot snacks.
      • The 25 litre unit can dispense up to 150 cups of boiling water on demand and a delivery of 250 cups per hour.
      • 20/25 Litre dimensions H630mm x W490mm x D350mm 



Hand Dryer 2.0kw Automatic with Aluminium Cover

  • Die cast aluminium cover painted white gloss finish
  • Approximately 30 seconds drying time
  • Quite operation & Hygenic
  • H275mm x W225mm x D160mm
  • This is a ‘no touch’ hand dryer with an aluminium cover, designed for use in applications where good performance is required

Metal Cased Hand Dryer


Cyclone hand dryers represents a good general purpose option where there is a requirement to balance performance, reliability and cost. All the Cyclone models feature hand and face drying. Suitable for challenging situations such as nightclubs, shopping centres, pubs and similar applications


·             Aluminium cover, ivory white matt finish

·             Water-proof and fire-resistant coating

·             Auto infrared sensor, quick time reaction

·             Quiet , long-life motor 1.8kw (4150rpm). 2.2kw (4150rpm)

·             Air Speed 20.5m/s 

·             Fast drying time - 25-30sec(1.6kw) or 20-25sec(1.8kw)

·             Pre-wired

·             Dimensions: 1.8kw. 220mm x 248mm x 170mm.  2.2kw. 212mm x 310mm x 177mm 

High Powered Hand & Face Dryer


The Tornado is our highest quality dryer, offering a high airflow rate, strong scratch-proof enamel case. Even small details such as packaging, fixings and installation template have been carefully designed to ensure that the Tornado delivers maximum satisfaction for users, installers and specifiers alike. The chrome nozzle can be rotated for hands or face drying and the high engineering design specification ensures low lifetime operating costs. Suitable for high traffic situations such as service stations, clubs, railway stations and similar projects,


·             Steel manufacture, ivory white matt finish

·             Water-proof and fire-resistant coating

·             Auto infrared sensor, quick time reaction

·             Quiet , long-life motor 2.6kw (5500rpm)

·             Air Speed 28m/s 

·             Fast drying time - 20-25sec

·             Pre-wired

·             Dimensions: 257mm x 282mm x 162mm 

Holster Style Hair Dryer

The Holster-style hair dryer features a 1.3kw element, safety cut-out device and wall mounted base. A spring load start switch protects the dryer from unintentional operation, and the heat output can be varied between 350W and 1300W in three stages. Designed for hotel and similar light commercial applications

Standard Wall Mounted Hair Dryer with Timer and Razor Socket


The wall mounted hair dryer features a 700W element and automatic start/stop. It also includes a timer which will stop the dryer if the nozzle has not been replaced after use. The cases are white drip proof ABS and incorporates a dual voltage shaver socket. IP44 suitable for zone 2 bathroom use. Designed for hotel and similar light commercial applications.

Dimensions: 297mm x 200mm x 90mm (exc. hose). 600mm x 200mm x 90mm (inc. hose)

Single Hot Plate

  • (Signature) Single Hotplate 1500W
  • 1500 Watt stainless steel heating element
  • Silver finish
  • Adjustable thermostat with control light
  • Robust cast iron construction
  • 18.8cm diameter hot plate
  • Compact and easy to carry

Double Hot Plate

  • This 1500W and 750W double hot plate is a great way to keep your food warm
  • without having to keep it in the oven. Ideal for dinner parties and sunday lunches.
  • This product features plates of 2 sizes depending on the size of your dish.
  • Large plate 1500W power. Small plate 750W power. Adjustable thermostat.
  • Die cast iron plate. Indicator light. Colour: Silver/black.

Commercial Toaster

  • Variable slot selector - choose to use 2 or 4 slots, giving you versitality and saving energy and money in those quieter periods
  • Variable timer enables the user to select their preferred shade of toast
  • High lift mechanism for hard-to-reach toast
  • Removable crumb tray prevents any build up on the countertop
  • Non-slip feet for greater safety
  • 2 year warranty (excludes elements)
  • Conveyor Toaster

    • High output gives over 400 slices per hour
    • Front or rear toast chute option gives greater flexibility for front or back of house use
    • Toast shade selection for added versatility
    • Single or double sided toasting option bringing the caterer greater flexibility
    • Ideal for toast, buns, muffins and all bread types with a thickness of up to 70mm
    • Economy mode saves power and money
    • Internal cooling fan and high grade insulation keeps surface temperatures to a minimum
    • Full commercial guarantee

    Manual Fill Filter Coffee Maker

  • Stylish design, ideal for front of house use
  • Manual fill- requires no plumbing allowing the unit to be moved to the desired location
  • Brews 1.7 litres in less than 6 minutes
  • Holding capacity 3.4 litres
  • Flexible modular system- coffee maker can be used alone or scaled up with matching single or double hotplates for higher volume caterers
  • Two individually switched hotplates
  • Brew in progress indicator
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Includes 2 x 1.7L glass insulated jugs
  • Ideal for a wide range of catering outlets such as pubs, hotels and restaurants
  • Full commercial guarantee