Wirefree home security and management system kit


Kit consists of 32 zone control panel, two wireless pir's, one wireless door contact, one multi function button keyfob. Can be added to from the alarm systems wireless section.

      • 32 wireless zones
      • 8 wireless keyfobs
      • 4 wireless keypads
      • 32 user codes
      • 256 event log with time/date stamp
      • Programmable output
      • Full, Part and Perimeter arming modes- with separate Entry/Exit delays and Arm/Disarm tones
      • Built-in LCD (2 row x 16 character) with user friendly menu driven interface
      • Custom end-user descriptors for each user, zone, HA device and SMS message
      • Wide range of supervised FM transmitters, with high security data encryption
      • Built-in sounder
      • Built-in Two-Way-Audio including one-touch Service Call button
      • Installer friendly utilities - transmitter signal strength, smart walk test, transmitter status list, remote transmitter deletion
      • Off-site high speed remote programming
      • Automatic recognition of new system hardware
      • European standard 868MHz
Wirefree home security and management system kit