Redring SB Professional Beverage Water Boiler

      • Stainless steel water tank construction with fully insulated jacket to minimise heat loss.
      • Robust corrosion resistant construction.
      • Brushed stainless steel cover wipes clean.
      • Neon 'Power on' light.
      • Water temperature is automatically maintained.
      • Unit is fitted with manual reset safety device to avoid boiling dry.
      • Manual reset thermostat for detecting excessive steam in the event of water solenoid valve failure.
      • Condensation chamber for steam-free operation.
      • Open vent and overflow.
      • Provides for concealed plumbing and electrical connection.
      • Operating pressure range between 2 bar (29psi) and 10bar (140psi).
      • Connects to 13 Amp (220 - 240V) double-pole fused isolating switch
        A wall mounted, self calibrating and self-filling boiling water heater for any working environment. It can be used for tea or coffee and even soups and hot snacks.
      • The 25 litre unit can dispense up to 150 cups of boiling water on demand and a delivery of 250 cups per hour.
      • 20/25 Litre dimensions H630mm x W490mm x D350mm 



Redring SB Professional Beverage Water Boiler