Low Voltage 5w Cree LED Tristar Master & Slave Lamp

SIMULTANEOUS COLOUR CHANGING using remote control. These new MR16 intelligent lamps introduce a colour changing scheme to any installation.  Install a single master lamp and up to thirty two slaves.  Point the remote control at the master lamp and change the colour of the master and slaves simultaneously.  Four different colour changing scenes with all of the lamps changing smoothly through the colour spectrum.  Watch them strobe, flash or fade at the same time!
Adjust the light intensity to four different levels.  Press one of the sixteen different colour buttons and instantly change the mood of your environment.  Built in wiring attached to each lamp.  Ideal for bars, restaurants, night clubs, stores, commercial premises, and also looks great in domestic homes.
Length 52mm Diameter 50mm.   5w Cree LED.  Colour changing MR16
Beam angle 60ยบ .  4 colour changing programs
2 flash & 2 smooth changes, 16 preset colours
Can be wired up to 32 Slave Units.   Requires LED driver.  
Max: 80m between lamps
Low Voltage 5w Cree LED Tristar Master & Slave Lamps