Redring Automatic Hand Dryer 1.5kw


Redring Automatic Hand Dryers
Hygiene is an area where warm air dryers score significantly over paper or linen towels. Germ-free warm air is an extremely hygienic drying meduim - with no risk of cross-infection between users.
Hand dryers are approved by the Health and Safety Executive as well as the Ministry of Defence for use in commercial and office environments. They are also accepted by the National Health Service resulting in increasingly widespread use in British hospitals.


      • Automatic Hand Dryer
      • Loading: 1.5kW - Weight: 1.9kg Motor: 60w
      • Fan Speed: 2500rpm Air Volume: 120M3/hr
      • Dimensions: 285mm(h) x 225mm(w) x 125mm(d)
      • Ideal for food preparation areas
      • Class 2 insulation, so no need to earth
      • Infra-red no 'Touch' on/off sensor to prevent cross contamination
Redring Automatic Hand Dryer 1.5kw