Handyflow Slimline 5 Litre Water Storage Heater - Vented Oversink


The Handyflow is a simple to install traditional vented over sink water heater. With a neat design and supplied complete with tap and spout, the Handyflow offers an effective, practical solution whenever time and simplicity are the key priorities. The Handyflow incorporates a thermal cut-out that can be re-set rather than requiring to be replaced. The unit simply needs to be switched off and it will automatically re-set itself. This feature is particularly useful when the heater is likely to be drained frequently (e.g. when fitted in Portable Buildings).

As with all units of this type, cold water entering from the inlet valve displaces the hot water stored in the tank. It is normal for the spout to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up. Over tightening the tap will not stop the dripping and may result in damage.

Dimensions: H400mm x W270mm x D180mm. Time to heat to 75 degrees = 12 minutes

Handyflow Oversink Vented Water Heater