Single Speed Inline Showerfan System


Step out of the shower cubicle. Is the mirror steamed up? There is another way. Remove the cause of condensation at source with an Xpelair inline shower fan system. With a neat grille installed directly over the shower, humid or moist air will be ducted away by a fan above the ceiling and onwards to a grille installed outside, typically in the soffit.  Will I be standing in a draught? No, air will not be pulled into a normal cubicle, only flow over it.

  • inline fan
  • 3m of flexible duct
  • Four worm drive clips
  • Internal ceiling grille with sleek styling in white
  • Outside soffit/wall grille
  • capacity 6" - 133m3/h = 37 Litres/sec
  • capacity 4" - 54m3/h = 15 Litres/sec

All electronics circuits and wiring terminals are fully protected. Motors are Class B lubricated for life, fitted with safety thermal overload protection and suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40ÂșC. Xpelair XIL systems conform to Building Regulations mechanical ventilation for toilets shower rooms and bathrooms.


Built-in overrun timer adjustable at installation from 3-15mins. Operated by a remote switch (in a bathroom, wired to the lighting circuit)

Can also be wired to a water flow switch, fitted in the pipework to the shower control, to switch on/off when shower is in use.

Hole Diameter: 165mm 

Single Speed Inline Showerfan System