DX400/DX400T Two speed centrifugal fan


BATHROOM, KITCHEN OR SHOWER ROOM FAN. The DX400 pressure developing centrifugal fans are ideally suited for use in kitchens, utility rooms and larger bathrooms and toilets and individual offices.

They can be surface or flush mounted in walls and ceilings using the universal mounting accessories provided, and include a back draught shutter and outlet grille. Both models have their inlet discreetly concealed behind a stylish white front cover. 

All models are IPX5 waterproof rated. They feature external rotor motors with integral balanced impellers, sealed for life maintenance free bearings and safety thermal cut out protection.

Pre-select speed to suit application Trickle ventilation facility.

Alternatively use optional COS switch to change between speeds and on/off

Includes external wall grille.

Extract in litres per second. 40 and 68.

Extract performance 245m3/h. 4 inch fan. Sound pressure 55db


Timer version: Quickvisit’ delay feature prevents fan from running should light be switched on/off again within 2 minutes. User adjustable from 30s to 20mins. Timer is typically connected to lighting switch.

DX400/DX400T Two speed centrifugal fan