GX 6/9/12" High Performance Intake/Extract Axial Fan


      • Suitable for single and sealed double glazing windows and panels up to 25mm.
      • Balanced external rotor motor and impeller for quiet efficiency.
      • Sealed for life maintenance free bearings, suitable for running at any angle.
      • Built-in silent action electro-thermal shutter cassette.
      • Passive trickle vent facility for background ventilation with fan off.
      • Easy clean high gloss ABS housing with integral finger safety guard.
      • Shadow grey external grille for unobtrusive external appearance.
      • Tamperproof internal connection safety plug and socket.
      • Unique metal ladder strip/screw connection to external grille for security and weather tight seal.
      • Extact capacity 266m3h (6 inch).   728m3h (9 inch).  1614m3h (12 inch).  Sound pressure 55db
GX RANGE 6/9/12 inch High Performance Intake/Extract Axial Ventilation Fan