LVDX200/LVDX200T High Performance Centrifugal


The Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) fans are ideal for use in shower rooms, bathrooms with showers and other zone 1 and zone 2 wet areas. Control options: Pull cord, timer

Hole size: 117mm (wall) 120mm (window)


Whilst they are designed specifically for domestic applications, they are also suitable for commercial applications where walls are regularly hosed down. The SELV system consists of a 12V fan unit which can be safely installed in the spray area of a bath or shower, with the transformer located outside the spray area. Importantly they exceed the IP requirements for zone 1 and zone 2 as defined by IEE Wiring Regulations (16th Edition) BS 7671:2001, and are rated IPX5. The motor is totally enclosed and fitted with self aligning bearings and thermal overload protection. The motor insulation is class B making them suitable for ambient temperatures up to 40ÂșC. All models come complete with a universal mounting kit and an automatic backdraught shutter.


The two part casing permits recessed or surface mounting, and can be fitted into ceilings and studwork wall recesses as little as 50 mm deep using the top entry knockout provided and an FDA adaptor and Profile 29 flat duct. Alternatively 100mm diameter circular duct can be used. A clip-off front and removable fan blade make for easy cleaning.  Sound 50db. 3 yrs manufactuers warrenty. Can be window mounted using F63.


Extract performance (FID, l/s) speed 2 - 30 (108m3/h) 

Extract performance (FID, l/s) speed 1 -12.5  

LVDX200/LVDX200T High Performance Centrifugal Unit