Living Art Fire


Wall mounted TFT display unit in landscape format, Compact flash card with choice of audio visual playback of 8 different continuous-loop moving scenes

-the four seasons

-a roaring log fire

-a cosy coal fire

-a dying embers log fire

-a soothing aquarium

In-built speakers, Fully functional remote control giving scene selection, volume control and heat on/off operation, Finished in black with contrasting chrome effect trim, Heated glass enhances realism of fire scenes, 19" for LVA191, WXGA 16:9 aspect ratio TFT display in landscape format, 1GB compact flash card with video footage, 8 ohm speaker set, Remote handset and manual control, Adjustable sound level, Wall mounting only, 1.2kW fan heater


Dimensions: Height: 440mm  Width: 690mm  Total Depth: 70mm

Living Art Fire