Sundew Flylite Fly Killer


A uniquely attractive sticky trap unit that is at home in cafés, bars, restaurants, offices and in domestic settings. A compact unit with low power consumption for small areas or front-of-house where extra discretion is preferred; the SunDew™ Fly Lite can be wall-mounted or just placed on a table or worktop.

An all stainless steel body with a choice of front covers of either stainless steel with eye-catching bubble cut-out design or white front cover with attractive glow.


Dimension: H:30cm W:25.5cm D:10cm.   weight     2.5Kg

30m2 protection wall-mounted or freestanding

Finish: white-finish or stainless steel


Pack of 3 sticky boards for Sundew Flylite also available

Sundew Flylite Fly Killer