The Ultimate Home Easy range, allows full control of your home

The Ultimate hand held remote is a touch screen controller that illuminates when touched. As with all of the Home Easy range you can turn on and off, dim and pre set your lighting to come on and go off. The Ultimate remote also allows you to programme mood lighting, by selecting preset dimming levels on individual lights and grouping them in for example romantic settings, reading settings, or watching the TV settings. All interchangeable through the pressing of one button!


The Ultimate Control also has an infrared feature, allowing you to work up to five devices, such as TV, DVD, Video, Satellite or a music system. The unit simply learns the codes allowing you to activate the devices using only one remote control.


The heating receiver enables you to turn your central heating on or off without having to get out of your chair or even bed! The range is ideal for the elderly, less able, those that are not so mobile, as well as those looking for the latest in home technology and convenience.


With the ultimate range you can also replace your existing switches with a remote control model that allows for full dimming, but can still be used as a touch light switch. Available in single or double gang, with six finishes, including glass, these slim line screwless wall switches add style and elegance to your decor, there is even a blue LED light on the button to show you the way in the dark. Home Easy Demo

The Ultimate Home Easy range