Logic Six Control Panel


One of the easiest to install and operate systems. Logic six still provides many of the functions of the G3 family of control panels but is specifically designed to simplify and speed up installation a programming.

      • 6-zone proximity based control panel that is easy to operate
      • Keyfob controlled with each zone independently identified on the control panel providing ample security, Personal Attack (PA) a 24hr tamper detection for most domestic properties.
      • There is no keypad or user code, programming and operation can be carried out by offering a keyfob to the panel
      • Operation via proximity technology (no keypad required) integrated into the control panel
      • Simple three part housing facilitates ease of installation with only two switch settings within the control panel to simplify programming.
      • Complete with two pre-programmed keyfobs
      • Up to 8 individually coded keyfobs can be programmed
      • No PIN to remember
      • Supports speech dialler extensions
Logic Six Control Panel