Tansun Heaters

Tansun offer the largest range of domestic, industrial and commercial heaters in the world: from fixed applications to mobile heating; from fully weatherproof designs for permanent outdoor installations through to heaters to complement interior surroundings. Whatever your individual requirements, Tansun can solve your heating needs.


Quartz heat warms people or objects and not the air in between and will not blow away like all other forms of heating. Quartz technology provides an economic and low-cost form of heating allowing efficient energy saving through safe and effective heat distribution. They offer instant heat with no initial warm up time. Virtually no energy is absorbed by the air, which means that a high degree of heat is achieved while no energy is wasted. Tansun offer an extensive range of products in various heat outputs which provide effective heat to various applications. If floor space is at a minimum, our wall mounted heaters are ideal in addition to other units which can be suspended from the ceiling. 

Running costs are calculable in advance and are lower than other alternatives as nearly all of the electrical power is converted into heat, offering savings of over 30% compared to other fuels. The use of variable controllers can reduce operating costs further by offering savings of up to 70%.

They require very low maintenance and have a very long lamp life averaging 7,000 hours, with the exception being the Algarve with an average of 1,100 hours. Heaters remain effective over time, maintaining a constant level of heat throughout their life.

Quartz heaters are completely safe with silent and odourless operation which creates no by-products of combustion. They consume no oxygen, so no additional ventilation is required. Quartz heaters are safe for children, pets and the environment.

Quartz heaters have a clean operation with no air circulation which can stir and deposit dust. This means that the heaters are ideal for many uses in numerous varied applications within domestic, industrial, commercial and retail settings. Technical.

Tansun Heaters