Large Capacity Unvented Water Heater Direct/Indirect


The Hyco Everlast is a large capacity unvented water heater suitable for small flats and houses or much larger requirements such as hotels, sports centres or nursing homes. For circumstances where high draw offs are required it is possible to link Everlast units together to give combined capabilities.


• Mains pressure for high flow rates
• stainless steel cylinder for long life
• WRAS approved to Building Regulations G3
• all connections located at front of unit for easy access during installation
• works at pressure as low as 0.5 bar
• low maintenance unit
• flexible siting - frees up loft space
• available in a range of sizes from 90L to 300L (see datasheet)

The Everlast tank is made from high quality Grade 316L stainless steel which is more resistant to corrosion than glass lined models, giving a longer life-span without requiring sacrificial anodes. 25yr manufactuers cylinder guarantee

The Indirect model features a coil with a large surface area at the base of the unit, giving very fase recovery times on the full capacity of the unit. These fast recovery times combined with the foam insulation help to make the range energy efficient.

Large Capacity Unvented Water Heater Direct/Indirect