Sunvic TLX9201 Room Thermostat with LED


Standard model to control boiler, pump, motorised valve etc.

The Sunvic TLX9000 Series is a range of electromechanical room thermostats. Robust in construction yet maintaining a stylish low profile appearance suitable for any modern home.

A large diameter dial , with finger pad makes temperature adjustment easy.

Accurate temperature sensing is achieved by means of a bi-metallic switching mechanism with built in heat anticipator.

* Ergonomic Design
* LED Status Indicator
* Large Setting Dial
* Change-Over Contact Switching
* Double Insulated
* Heat Anticipator for close Temperature Control
* Temperature range 5° to 35°C
* 10(4) Amp
* Dimensions 84x84x37mm HxWxD

Sunvic (Satchwell) TLX9201 Room Thermostat with LED