Sunvic VKL Immersion Thermostat


The VKL 3000 Series Rod Thermostat is a conventional Rod Control Thermostat and an Over Temperature Cut-out Thermostat both contained within the same housing providing a simple cost effective compliance to meet with the new European Safety Legislation (EN 60-353-2-73).

Its simple two-wire connection, identical to conventional immersion rod thermostats and the small head size enables fast and easy installation even in Dual Immersion Heater or retro-fit applications, The unique, patented ‘One shot’ Over Temperature sensing action is impossible to reset by hand, offering a degree of safety by ensuring the control stat which caused the over temperature condition is replaced and not merely reset to fail again. This prevents repeated use of a damaged control stat and eliminates further potential damage to the immersion heater through repeated high temperature cycling. Two completely independent sensing mechanisms and two sets of 16A switch contacts provide effective temperature control with fast irreversible over temperature cut-out in an emergency.

* Replaces VKL2201 and other 7" Thermostats
* Complies with latest European Safety Legislation EN60335-2-73
* Control Range 40 - 70C
* Approx. Differential 10C
* Over Temperature Cut-Out Temperature 96C
* 16 Amps Resistive
* Simple 2 wire connection

Sunvic VKL Immersion Thermostat