Sangamo Round Pattern Time Switch - E854/E855


Flexible, 7 day, fully programmable electronic control with battery reserve, 3 pin base. Allows up to 48 ON and 48 OFF operations per day (96 operations per day) and automatically allows for the changes between British Summer Time (BST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). General purpose time switch for heating, ventilation equipment control applications etc.

·          Programming 7 day programme with up to 48 ON and 48 OFF (96 operations per day). Each day can be

·          programmed independently.

·          Display Digital display showing real time, day, date, month and year where applicable. Simulated

·          analogue display showing real time and programme for current 24 hours

·          Mounting Surface Mounting

·          Current Rating 20A resistive for SPST

·          Supply 230V, 50 / 60 Hz a.c.

·          Base Type 3 Pin

·          Reserve Automatically rechargeable battery will retain memory for typically 50 days

·          Temp Override

·          Facility (Manual Button)

·          Two hour boost - when programme “OFF”, Advance to “OFF” when programme “ON” and will

·          remain “OFF” until next “ON” operation.

·          Cable Size 6.0mm2

·          Timing Accuracy Better than five minutes per annum

·          Holiday Mode Suspends programs for 14 days, or indefinitely

·          BST/GMT Changeover Automatic

·          Ambient Temperature Range Designed to operate over a temperature range of 0oC to 35oC continuous

·          Live Parts Protection This timer is totally protected by its enclosure

·          Dirt Protection Normal domestic dust deposits only

·          Moisture Protection Ordinary: has no special protection against moisture

·          Shock Protection Class 11 (both functional and supplementary insulation)

  • Period Between ON/OFF Operations 15 mins
Round Pattern Time Switch - E854