Audio/Video Transmission System


This 2.4GHz communication set can be used to transmit the output of Video, DVD or cable/satellite to a TV set without wires. This system uses the 2.4GHz band with four switchable frequencies within the range, this is to avoid interference from cordless phones and other wireless devices and to provide greater range. So if your still watching movies on your PC, this is the solution to get them on your TV.

  • Fully wireless transmission with return channel for infrared remote control
  • Noise free transmission
  • Maximum range between 30 - 100m
  • Foldable antenna panels
  • Audio/Video and S-video connections
  • SCART to 3 x colour coded RCA phono plugs lead included
  • Mains adaptors included
  • 4 channels
  • Size 100mm x 125mm x 43mm
  • Return channel 433Mhz
Wireless Signal Picture Sender